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Peace returns to Mariupol

by Alexandra Wigreiser a Russian journalist in Mariupol The term ‘a return to peace’ may be a cliché, but it's the simplest way of putting things. Back in April, when it became quieter in Mariupol, the first sign of something approaching normality was the emergence of traders and money changers. Humanitarian aid had already come in, and people were selling unnecessary things to cover their essentials.      Soon, the market opened, and products began to be imported. At the end of that month, lilacs bloomed. A week later, young men had broken off all the branches within reach, for bouquets.      Their smiling girlfriends accepted the flowers and took their beaus by the arm. Every day, there were more and more couples like this strolling between ruined buildings amidst the sound of explosions.      When water became more available, the girls washed and let down their hair, which they had previously hidden under shawls and hats. Their clothes became cleaner, and then more stylish.     
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 by G A Zyuganov  Chair of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation In an interview to the British newspaper the Telegraph Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated that: “rhe Russian world is a cancer which not only devours a majority of the Russian society but also poses a deadly threat to Europe as well. It’s not sufficient for us to support Ukraine in its military struggle against Russia, we have to uproot this terrible ideology completely.” This is an absolutely disgusting statement demonstrating the depth of hatred the current Polish elite has to Russia. It’s clear that uprooting the ideology of the “Russian World” will be implemented together with the Russian nation as the ideology bearer. Actually it sounds like a call for destruction of our civilisation. This is in full correspondence with what Hitler tried to do, while destroying the Soviet people under the pretext of fighting against communism. It is well known that the Russian world i

In Ukraine Russia is Fighting Neo-Nazism

International Department of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Comments on the Article of the International Department of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) “On the Imperialist War in Ukraine  and the Stance of the CPRF” On 23rd April 2022 the newspaper Rizospastis , the organ of the Communist Party of Greece, carried an article by the International Department of the CC KKE On the Imperialist War in Ukraine and the Stance of the CPRF.”   The article assesses the actions of the CPRF in connection with the special operation Russia is conducting in Ukraine openly accusing the party of having a pro-government, i.e. pro-imperialist position. We categorically disagree with this utilitarian assessment.   The gist of the article is that in the opinion of the Greek comrades, what is taking place in Ukraine is an imperialist war in the interests of the Russian bourgeoisie, and therefore, by supporting the special operation the CPRF is advocating a policy that is “in line

NATO Prolongs Ukraine’s Agony

  by James Tweedie The Ukraine is like a bull elephant that’s been shot right in the heart in mid-charge. The beast keeps on bellowing and rampaging around, not yet realising that it’s already dead.      It becomes clearer by the day that the Ukrainian army attempting to occupy the remains of the Donbas republics, newly recognised by Russia just as the West ‘recognised’ its creations of Kosovo and South Sudan, is dead on its feet.      Its navy, air force, artillery, tanks and transportation are destroyed . Its casualties are replaced with boys and old men press-ganged off the streets of Kiev and Lvov, some without proper boots. Its senior officers are fled or dead.      Meanwhile the collective West, dominated as always by the Washington, pours in its hodgepodge of arms that belong in a museum, not on the battlefield. The latest arrivals are the 90 much-vaunted 155mm howitzers donated by the Pentagon — and made in UK, because the US military-industrial complex seemingly can’t produce

Understanding Ukrainian Nazism

by Lucas Leiroz In the West, media outlets are claiming that Russia’s agenda to “denazify” Ukraine is unfounded. At the same time, public opinion in Western countries is totally alienated from the Ukrainian reality, tending to believe only what is reported by the hegemonic media. The result of this is strong disapproval of the Russian attitude based on the lie that there is no trace of Nazism in contemporary Ukraine. In this sense, it is urgent that quality information be disseminated to the Western audience to avoid the proliferation of lies about the Ukrainian reality.      On almost every TV channel and newspaper in the West, Ukrainian Nazism is questioned with the worst possible arguments: Zelensky is Jewish, and the Ukrainian state is democratic. This kind of superficial thinking prevents a detailed analysis of the catastrophic situation in Kiev since the Maidan, when, through a coup d’état, an anti-Russian junta took power and institutionalized a racist and anti-Russian ideology,

Fighting fascism is the duty of everyone

FIGHTING FASCISM IS THE DUTY OF EVERYONE ON THE PLANET May 9th marks the 77th anniversary of the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany.      Almost a century separates us from those events. However, right now we see what a colossal impact they continue to have on the entire world community.      World War II didn’t just start. It didn’t come out of nowhere. A tangle of contradictions in international politics led to it, which they didn’t try to untie by diplomatic means, but to cut with the help of war.      The reasons that divided the world into supporters of the ideas of Nazism and anti-fascists more than 80 years ago still exist today. Western corporations and finance capital, which for many years armed Hitler, created a combat-ready army in order to send it against those from whom they felt threatened: the Soviet Union.      Now we see exactly the same thing: Western transnational corporations and financial capital over the past 8 years have been very intensively creating an army of Na

This is not Russia’s and Ukraine’s war

  Gyula Thürmer, President of the Hungarian Workers’ Party 28th Congress of the Hungarian Workers’ Party on 23 April  This is the USA’s war against Russia. This is the USA’s war against the People’s Republic of China. This is the war of neoliberalism for world domination. The USA and NATO has been preparing for war against Russia for years. Significant military forces were deployed in Eastern European countries. NATO armed Ukraine. It supported the nationalist, fascist policies of the Ukrainian leadership. The war was provoked by the West. The facts prove that Ukraine has already completed preparations for an attack on Russia. With the military operations, Russia prevented the Ukrainian aggression. The main target of the war is China. Trump wanted an agreement with China, but on terms dictated by him. China said no to this. Biden considers China the greatest enemy and aims for total war. If Russia weakens, China loses an important ally and then it will be easier to contain the Chin