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NATO in deep crisis as the dangers to Zelensky grow

  by Theo Russell The current direction of the war in Ukraine has created an acute crisis in Western capitals, above all in Washington, and the position of Vladimir Zelensky, the president elected on a promise to end the war in Eastern Ukraine, now hangs by a thread. We must make clear here that this is not a war between Ukraine and Russia; this is a war forced on Russia by the NATO alliance. Ukraine is merely a proxy for NATO and is paying a horrific price for this war. The weaknesses of the once mighty NATO alliance have been exposed: after decades of relocating factories to developing countries they have now discovered that they are no longer able to produce sufficient weapons for a major sustained war. In contrast Russia, which Western experts love to claim has a GDP the size of Italy, has proved to be a manufacturing superpower with a highly skilled workforce and mighty technological and scientific resources. Russia has not only increased arms production, from bullets to hypersoni
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Eco-Terrorism – NATO’s Dirty Secret War

A few days ago, an article appeared in the New York Times.  It revealed the decade-long campaign the CIA has funded in Ukraine sponsoring regime change, with military training and arms provision, long before the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) just over 2 years ago.  NATO’s war on Russia has been decades in the making, a war of psyops, lies and half-truths with built in deniability of outrageous provocations by proxy. Russia has responded with offers of negotiations, diplomacy and finally the pre-emptive invasion of the Donbass to protect the rights of the Crimeans who freely chose to join the Russian Federation after their overwhelming support via the 2014 referendum. Conspicuous on the part of NATO has been the willingness to use eco-terrorism as part of its arsenal alongside the financial tools of sanctions and media manipulation, especially censorship, misinformation and disinformation. The blowing up of Nordstream 1 was the biggest man-made ecological disaster i

Solidarity in Dublin

  Solidarity with Gaza and the Donbas in Dublin by Theo Russell Activists gathered last Saturday in front of the General Post Office in O'Connell Street, central Dublin, to call for an end to arms supplies to Ukraine and Israel, and an end to NATO aggression in Ukraine and Yemen and Israel's brutal military operation in the Gaza Strip. The protesters also called for ceasefires in Ukraine, Gaza and Yemen. The General Post Office, built in the early 19th century when Ireland was a British colony, is one of the Irish capital’s famous land-marks because it served as the headquarters of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising against British rule in Ireland.  Activists  from the Truth and Neutrality Alliance that is based in Ireland, the New Communist Party of Britain and International Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity (IUAFS) took part  along with citizens from Russia and Croatia. The IUAFS is a united front supported by the NCP, Socialist Fight, the Consistent Democrats and the Britis

We deserve something better than this

 IUAFS Statement on the Exclusion of George Galloway and Chris Williamson from an Anti-Genocide Platform At the Palestine solidarity demonstration on 20th January in Birmingham, former Labour and RESPECT MP George Galloway, and former Labour MP Chris Williamson, who are now Leader and Deputy Leader of the Workers Party respectively, were excluded from the platform, seemingly on the instructions of leading figures in the Stop the War Coalition nationally. We in International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity (IUAFS) condemn this sectarian and unwarranted exclusion as an attack on the democracy necessary to run an effective anti-war and anti-imperialist movement. It is a matter of great urgency to organise the broadest mass movement possible of genuine defenders of the Palestinians, and both George Galloway and Chris Williamson have had long records of outspoken defence of the Palestinians and opposition to imperialist crimes in the Middle East.  George Galloway was expelled from the Labou

Defend the right to free speech!

The IUAFS condemns the criminal, racist arrests of members of the Revolutionary Communist Group on various fake accusations; of a leading member of the CPGB-ML, Ranjit Brar, on absurd accusations that selling a book explicitly indicting Zionism for racism and anti-Semitism is a “hate-crime”, and more recently for protesting other similar arrests of CPGB-ML supporters; and the outrageous arrest of Tony Greenstein (and Mick Napier in Glasgow) on fantastic lies that they are in some way ‘supporters’ of Hamas.  These are the tip of an iceberg of police attacks on Palestine solidarity activists and ordinary demonstrators, orchestrated by Tory politicians with Braverman’s ravings as the starting point, whose anti-democratic essence continues to this day. And we can expect no defence from the leaders of the Labour Party, who support the bloody attack on the people of Gaza and now the attacks on Yemen for standing up against the genocide.  We note that anti-democratic attacks have also taken p

We Need a Unified Struggle Against Imperialism!

 Zionist Holocaust backed by the West, aping Hitler. In Ukraine they fund open Nazis. Demonstrate for political prisoners and against child murderers in Palestine and Ukraine! Come and demonstrate outside Downing Street against the government’s support for Zionist Israel, and Banderaite Nazis in Ukraine. Both regimes engage in genocidal ethnic cleansing of populations they want rid of: Palestinians and Russian speakers. Both regimes murder, imprison and torture civilians, including many children, for being born into the ‘wrong’ ethnic group. Genocide is in full swing in Gaza. Israel is shooting civilians in homes and the streets, destroying and bulldozing hospitals, schools, UN refuge facilities, and more. Killing medical staff, patients, children, even babies, stopping incubators causing death and/or bulldozing them under the ruins. More than 20,000 are confirmed dead already, with many thousands more under rubble. Half are children; half Gaza’s population are under 18. Israel’s carpe

Lenin Was Right: The Ukrainian war proves that

International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity held a successful 'hybrid' meeting in central London earlier in November. Speakers from Britain, Ireland, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Poland spoke on the platform or via Zoom on the topic 'The struggle against Banderite fascism and the future of Ukraine'. This is the contribution from Konrad Rękas, a Polish journalist and political commentator. In 1913, the world was convinced that the threat of war was completely impossible, which was related with the progress of civilisation, the development of science, and especially the international system based on the so-called concert of powers, international conferences during which colonial empires shared global spheres of influence. However, in reality, under the skin of this alleged belle epoque there were insurmountable contradictions and class conflicts, and enlightened minds already saw the spectre of a crisis that would surpass all previous problems of capitalism. Ne