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No No2NATO Platform for Fascists!

  No No2NATO Platform for Fascist David Clews! Since 2014 the International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity (IUAFS), and its predecessors have campaigned in solidarity with the people of the Donbass, and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics they created after the fascist Maidan coup backed by US imperialism. As part of the struggle against imperialism and its Ukrainian fascist puppets, we defend the Special Military Operation of Russia to crush the fascist threat from the US backed Azov, Aidar, Kraken, Svoboda and other such fascists who are the dominant forces in the Maidan Ukraine state apparatus. We support the defeat of this regime and the “Denazification of Ukraine” as the Russian government rightly set out as a key war aim. Opposition to the NATO proxy-war in Ukraine is not confined to internationalists who act in solidarity with the victims of imperialism.  Most of the far right are showing solidarity with the NATO-funded Nazis who infest and dominate the Ukrainian regime,
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by New Worker correspondent The howl of air raid sirens sounds every night as Russian drones and missiles pound strategic targets right throughout Ukraine. Kiev has been rocked by blasts that continued for several hours in an attack on the capital that the local military administration called “exceptional in its density”. And now Ukrainians are rushing to buy iodine pills following a devastating Russian raid on an ammunition depot containing depleted uranium shells that may have released deadly radiation into the atmosphere.      Russia first unleashed its Kinzhal (Dagger) missiles on Ukraine in March. They fly at Mach 10, ten times the speed of sound, and are virtually unstoppable, as the Ukrainians found out for themselves this week when their capital was hit by a wave of these deadly rockets. A radar station and five US-made Patriot air-defence missile systems were destroyed during the 16th May attack. Overall, the Russian missile strike against the Patriot system was a major blow t

No DU shells to Ukraine!

The Kremlin warned Britain of the grave consequences of supplying Ukraine with depleted uranium (DU) shells. Some said this simply meant escalation. Others, the gurus of the bourgeois media who pose as ‘military experts’, told us that they posed no danger to Ukrainian civilians and that, in any case, this was just another empty threat from the Russians who would soon be on their knees following a Ukrainian spring offensive. What none of them foresaw was that the “grave consequences” that would follow would be the taking out of the DU ammo dumps and the possible release of deadly radiation into the air.      That’s exactly what happened when a Ukrainian military depot was totally destroyed by a Russian ballistic missile this week. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says reports that radiation levels have risen in the aftermath of the Russian strike are wrong. Whether deadly gamma rays really were released when the warehouse went up is a matter of indifference to the hapless c

9th anniversary of the Odessa Massacre

  Odessa Solidarity Campaign “Supporting the antifascist people of Ukraine since 2016” A project of the Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality PO Box 23202, Richmond, VA 23223 USA - Ph: 1-804-644-5834 - Email: Statement by the Odessa Solidarity Campaign on the 9th anniversary of the Odessa Massacre Each year, the Odessa Solidarity Campaign has promoted actions on May 2 to mark the date in 2014 when a right-wing mob led by openly fascist organizations murdered at least 42 anti-fascists at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, Ukraine. The Odessa Massacre took place just a few months after the violent coup that replaced a pro-Russian president with a pro-U.S. one. Not surprisingly, the U.S. was heavily involved in promoting the coup. Today Ukraine has an authoritarian government that openly collaborates with neo-Nazi organizations, incorporating them into its military and promoting the memory of Ukrainian fascis

Fare Thee Well, James Monroe

by Bernie Holland The ‘Monroe Doctrine’ originated by US President James Monroe in 1823 proclaimed that the whole of the Americas was its own ‘backyard’ and that any intervention by external powers in the politics of the Americas was a potentially hostile act against the USA. During the Cold War this ‘principle’ was extended to enable US imperialism to establish its hegemony over Western Europe and large parts of Africa and Asia. It was during a visit to South Africa by US Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken that Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor explained it is South Africa that will decide who their allies are and not have their choice of allies dictated to them by the USA. The purpose of Blinken’s visit was to ‘persuade’ South Africa that it should join the ‘democracies’ of the ‘international community’ in a concerted effort to isolate and contain Russia and to join the clamour and outrage against the Russian leadership in what can only be described as an effort towards regime change in

Glasgow against NATO!

by Konrad Rekas “We have been asked here if we have any permission to demonstrate on the Glasgow Green. I have replied: We, the representatives of the working-class parties, the true heirs of the Red Clyde, we have the historic and permanent right to express our views right here, with no additional legalisation!” This is how George Galloway, the leader of No2NATO and the Workers Party of Britain, opened the rally launching the No2NATO Scotland.      Comrades and friends joined over a hundred anti-war campaigners at the Glasgow rally. The hidden hand had done its best to stop it.      “As previously with the London conference, the organisers had been refused of any venue they had tried to book for a meeting. Threats and intimidation have been mixed with surrealistic demands of ‘anti-terrorist requirements’ or impossible amounts of insurance. This is yet another attack on our freedom of speech, on the freedom of those who want to discuss the danger facing our country from an expansion of

Ireland: No to the proxy war in Ukraine!

by Bill O’Brien one of the co-founders of the Irish Truth & Neutrality Alliance The war in Ukraine has been going on for more then a year now and the left in Ireland are in a most confused state as they are in the rest of Europe and globally. Let's examine the issues involved and the different attitudes that prevail. The history Modern Ukraine became the state after the Russian Revolution when it was established. The commission of Nationalities chaired by Joseph Stalin established Ukraine, took the proposals to the Politburo where it was discussed and voted upon and agreed, then made official and stamped by Lenin.      Previous to that the landmass of what is now the Ukraine was divided between different empires, mostly Polish, Hungarian and Russian.      The new entity was to be economically viable, the existing big estates were to be nationalised and controlled by Soviets, production was to be collectivised, and the large estates amalgamated to increase the production of cere